Our skilled RF department prides itself on being able to service all facets of the telecommunications sector from site acquisition to hand over.

We offer the following services to the industry
• Turnkey projects
• RF Installation
• RF Maintenance

Turnkey Projects
• Site acquisition and construction
• RF equipment installation and maintenance
• Assistance in-site commissioning
• Electrical power and distribution
• Mast and tower integrity

RF Installations
We are familiar with all types of GSM antennae installations, including:
• Omni installations
• Sector installations with full diversity
• Tri band installation (900/1800/2100MHz)
• Upgrades from omni to sector installations
• Omni and sector air combining
• Raising and lowering of sectors Antenna optimization

RF Maintenance
Specialized Access Services offers a 24hr call out service to carry out ad-hoc RF maintenance and repairs, which involve the changing of faulty:
• Antennas
• Jumper and feeder cables
• Polphasors, diplexers and triplexers
• Mechanical and electrical antennae tilts
• Azimuth changes

Complete Solutions Total Reliability